Professional Lifestyle and Future Trends

Professional Lifestyle

The professional lifestyle of an anthropologist varies, depending on the job that they have. While talking to a professor at MSU, I decided to ask them:

What tends to be the typical lifestyle of an anthropologist?(do you do lots of research, do you teach mostly, etc.)

It’s a balance of teaching and research. So, while I am responsible for teaching 4 courses a year on campus, most of my job description is actually research, so I am expected to publish articles on my research and get big grants. Then, I conduct research in the field (Belize) and in my lab on campus.

I was also able to talk to one of my own professors, and he told me to expect doing a lot of field work in the beginning of my career, before moving into a different field, in his case teaching. This way you are able to go into a new job with plenty of experience in what you are doing, as well as bringing valuable hands-on understanding.

Future Trends

Predicting future trends can be a bit of a challenge, but it can be done based off of not just the interests of people, while also taking into consideration the goals of things like the government, companies, and the way the world is shifting. We see that more and more people in the last 25 years, have been receiving their undergraduate degrees in anthropology, as well as an influx in people getting both Master’s and Ph.D degrees as well. This information can be found here.


When interviewing the professor, I made sure to ask him his opinions about future trends as well.

Do you have any predictions for future trends in the subject?

Fewer federal funding opportunities, more destruction of sites with increased population (in Belize and elsewhere), improvements to methodologies (such as ancient DNA analysis and remote surveys)

I made sure to ask about what he meant with there being fewer federal funding opportunities, and he mentioned how with the recent election, and the regression we are seeing with funding of progressive work, he felt that the funding may be significantly lowered over time. As well as the destruction of sites to expand companies and make more money, the value that these sites have is lowered.